About Graphic Education … How did it start?

The enterprise now known as Graphic Education was founded as a ‘part-time operation’ by David Mason in 2000. Visual Science as it was then known, produced science overhead transparency sets exclusively until 2004, and later that year poster production was introduced.

Since then a second trading name “Graphic Education” has been adopted for the production and supply of posters into the broader educational market.

About David Mason


He is a Science Teacher with 25 years of teaching experience in Queensland schools.

David began teaching in 1979 and was later appointed Head of Science in a Government School in 1988. He was involved in a number of educational programs; including a United Nations Project which developed science educational materials for Pacific Island schools. And he was also a member of the team which developed the Marine Studies Syllabus for Queensland.

In 1995 David received a ‘Highly Commended’ in recognition of a teaching program of excellence in the BHP Science Awards.

David was again promoted to Head of Science in 2000. He was appointed to the chair of the District Biology Panel in 2004. He resigned in early in 2005 due to increasing business demands, as Graphic Education had grown to a point where it required David’s full time attention.

The business has continued to grow thanks to the many teachers and others who have shown faith in our products as well as, several talented individuals who have contributed to the development and production of the materials.