Periodic Table Sticker, White, A5

Periodic Table Sticker, White, A5

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This periodic table is a favourite among teachers and students for its clarity and level of detail. It features key information for every element including useful data like electron configurations and electronegativity values not normally found on basic reference sheets.

This is all presented in a concise and vibrant way on the front of an A5 sticker, perfect for students to stick in their diaries or workbook.

All data is based on official IUPAC information as at time of printing, so you can be assured of its accuracy and precision.

The information presented on this periodic table includes:

  • Element symbol
  • Element name
  • Relative atomic mass number
  • Element type (colour coded)
  • Electron configuration
  • State
  • IUPAC and traditional group numbers
  • Electronegativity values

Available as a high quality A5 sticker, it is also available in other sizes and a poster format too.